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Administrative Paralegal Services (APS) was established in California’s Central Valley by Stefanie Coleman in 2006.    Stefanie has over 26 years of law office management, paralegal and legal document experience.    Stefanie created APS so that attorneys, their staff, as well as the everyday individual can come to one “reliable” company for all of their administrative, legal document, paralegal or attorney referral needs.    APS provides professional, quality assistance at an affordable cost.    APS can help alleviate the stress that you may be experiencing from the unexpected legal demands currently placed upon you.    Perhaps you are an attorney short on staff, in need of trial preparation assistance or a hearing/deposition representative.   Perhaps you are an individual seeking a living trust, marriage ceremony, divorce or simply in need of an affordable mobile/emergency notary.    Whatever your current administrative or paralegal needs may be at this time APS says, “Just ask…We can help!”

Stefanie has been helping California's injured workers' and their families since 1990.    She has over 26 years of applicant oriented workers’ compensation experience and currently works with several California attorneys.    She has assisted thousands of individuals through the complex and confusing workers’ compensation system while also assisting many of those same clients through very difficult legal situations.    Stefanie understands the emotional, physical and financial challenges that the unplanned work injury can bring to a family.

Stefanie has been making appearances on behalf of injured workers' at the various California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards (WCAB) since 2005.    She has worked in the capacity of law office manager since 1995, and has also worked in the capacity of paralegal and hearing/deposition representative making hundreds of appearances at the WCAB.    She currently attends Workers’ Compensation Trials, Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Status and Lien Conferences and also at applicant and physician depositions.    Stefanie will handle your case from beginning to end.   She has personally settled thousands of workers compensation cases.

Hiring APS for your workers’ compensation legal document needs instead of hiring an attorney may be just the right choice for those of you who desire to keep complete control of your workers’ compensation case.    Most applicants elect to hire one of the several attorneys Stefanie works with.    However, you can pick the best option for you.    Either way, Stefanie will work directly with you until your matter is resolved.

If you have a “complex” legal situation, and you desire attorney services, APS is a great place to inquire for assistance.    APS currently works with and often refers to several California attorneys who are working in the area of law that you need assistance with.    We cannot say it enough! “Just ask…We can help!”